Sunday, November 8, 2009

Customized Sterling Silver Rosaries


OK, folks...

I have checked the unsuccessful search report. I have noticed some folks searching for Sterling Silver rosaries. I do not have them up on the webstore yet (, but hope to soon. I do have some up in the Bonanzle Booth (

In keeping with the CHRISTmas theme, here are some CHRISTmas sterling silver sets you can personalize with the color beads you wish...

(photos of items are representative of actual rosary parts.
Differences in color are due to photos take at different times.)

Crucifix with St Nicholas center.
To purchase, click image.

(photos of items are representative of actual rosary parts.
Differences in color are due to photos take at different times.)

Crown Crucifix with St Nicholas center.
To purchase, click image.

For more sterling silver sets, please click here...
Sterling Silver Customizable Rosary Sets

Order Now for CHRISTmas!


If you are looking for that special, unique CHRISTmas gift, look no further.

There are CHRISTmas rosaries and rosaries you can design yourself for that special person to make the gift even more special, unique and personal! There are several CHRISTmas rosaries at and at our booth on Bonanzle at

This is a beautiful rosary I have available on Bonanzle. I hope to get it listed in the webstore soon. It features matching rhodium plated center and crucifix with red enamel, silver plated rose beads for the "Our Father"/Pater beads and glass based Red and Green pearls alternated. It is absolutely gorgeous in person! You can purchase it here... Green Red Enamel Pearl Christmas Rose Rosary

You can also purchase the following gift items from the webstore...

Keep Christ in Christmas Kneeling Santa Flexible Magnet for your car, truck, suv

Also available...
Adoring Santa / Kneeling Santa Tote Bag
Adoring Santa / Kneeling Santa Flameless LED Candle
Advent Candles Flameless LED Votive Christmas Candle
The Real Story of St Nicholas Booklet compiled by me

Are you looking for an Advent Rosary? How about this one...
The rosary is set up like an Advent Wreath...
1st decade... purple glass based pearl
2nd decade... purple glass based pearl
3rd decade... pink glass based pearl
4th decade... purple glass based pearl
5th decade... white (for the Christmas Candle)
The "Our Father"/Pater beads are white opalesque lampwork beads with a pink rose on each side
Holy Family Center with Papal Crucifix
Click photo to purchase.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Items

Hi, y'all!

There are new categories and new items! All have been added over the past several days.

Come visit us to see all the new items!

Hopefully, there will be more new items in the near future, as there will be a few more rosaries including one decade rosaries added soon.

If you are starting your Christmas shopping, you will find some nice gift items in the new "GIFT" category. To help navigate the category, there are several subcategories!

Come on over and check out all the new items by clicking the link below...
Sacred Heart Blessings new gift items

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NEW ... for our military members, veterans and their families!

New rosaries with y'all in mind.

Many months ago it was suggested to me to craft a camouflage rosary. I contacted the gentleman who does the ribbon centers for the health rosaries and asked him to do one in yellow. I searched for beads that would work for camouflage and asked around as to what folks thought. I hope what I have chosen works for y'all as well. The rosaries come in green and brown camouflage, desert brown camouflage and blue camouflage. The green and brown and the desert brown are already listed. The blue is available but not listed yet. Each of these camo rosaries has attached to it a St Christopher medal with a military branch's insignia on the reverse.

Here are images of these rosaries...
Green Brown Camouflage Rosary Military St Christopher Medal
The beads show a little darker than actuality in the above photo.
Desert Camouflage Rosary Military St Christopher Medal

The following photos are common to all these military rosaries...

The St Christopher Military Medal attached to the center appears at left.

The medal features an image of St Christopher on the front with the words...
"St Christopher" at the top
"Protect Me" at the bottom

On the reverse is the military insignia for:
United States Air Force
United States Army
United States Marines
United States Navy

You choose which medal you want attached to your rosary!

The Yellow Ribbon bead (shown at right) is a glass Lampwork bead with a yellow ribbon on each side. These beads are used as the "Our Father" beads for each rosary. They match the center (shown at right).

Please stop by to check out these two beautiful, meaningful rosaries by clicking the links below.

Desert Camouflage Rosary Military St Christopher Medal

Green Brown Camouflage Rosary Military St Christopher Medal

Thanks and God bless our Military members, Veterans and their families!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sacred Heart Blessings Store has been updated!

Hi, y'all...

I just want to let everyone know the webstore has been updated. For those of you who have visited recently, you probably noticed a big change in the look of the store. A lot has been going on in recent days.

I have tried to correct problems that have been occurring, as well as clean up a lot of stuff.

I have also added some new items and new categories. Please stop by to view our new look. Take some time to scroll down the list of categories. We also have featured categories now. I would have liked to have photos for each of the featured categories, but I can only do that for the main categories not subcategories.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 is UP

Hi, y'all...

Just a quick note to let everyone who has passed by this blog and found that the store was down... it's back up!

It is acting a little weird sometimes, but orders are being processed.

I am hoping to try to revamp it a little here in the near future, but have patience, as I try to figure out all of ProStores' new setup for store maintenance. Hopefully, it won't take long and hopefully it will be much better in appearance. I know there are some issues with some images of rosaries being too large for the screen, but that happened when ProStores updated the clickable thumbnail image to be the full image instead of clicking over to the full image.

Just remember, if you have any problems placing an order, please feel free to email me at to let me know. You can send the item number (SKU), the item name and quantity to me through an email and I can send you an invoice through PayPal.

Thanks for all y'all's patience and God bless!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 DOWN

Hi, y'all!

I am sorry to inform everyone is currently experiencing down time. It was my understanding ProStores was handling certain things when they decided to change their ecommerce format. Because of this miscommunication between them and me, the store is down.

I am working to get it back up as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a specific handmade rosary you have seen in the store, please email me at

If you are looking for a handmade rosary to purchase, please visit my Bonanzle booth at

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I am working hard to get this problem fixed and have the site up and running again soon.

Thanks for your support and patronage!
God bless!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Christmas Items!

Hi, y’all!

Just in the St. Nick of time…

I had some items to include in my Christmas in July offer, but they were backordered. Bummer!

Today, they came in! Yippee!

I want to showcase them for y’all here! Remember, I have an entire section for Christmas in July! Just click on the category CHRISTMAS IN JULY on the right hand side.

Christmas in July is still on; so, you can still use the coupon code Jesusbday to save 10% booth-wide!

I have a lot of critters, as most of you probably know.
It is very difficult, not only unsafe, to have flame candles in the house.
In addition, keeping candles burning throughout the day and night can be dangerous for any household.
I have a solution! Flameless LED Votive Candles! These candles use an LED light and an easy to replace watch battery (CR2032)! They are easily operated with an “on/off” switch on the bottom, which is also where the battery access is located.

Advent Candles – Flameless Votive
These can easily be placed in any Advent Wreath that is set up for tea lights or votive candles. I have also included a little make your own tip for an Advent Wreath in case you can not locate a wreath that uses tea lights of votive candles. (lit picture is clickable)

This candle is another of the Adoring Santa collection, which includes a passage from the Bible. (lit picture is clickable)

I have also added another new item in the Breast Cancer category.

This is a flameless LED votive breast cancer candle with words of inspiration for any woman dealing with this disease. Remember breast cancer month is coming in October. I have several breast cancer items you can view. Please click on the Breast Cancer category on the right hand side under OTHER CHRISTIAN ITEMS (lit picture is clickable)

So… please stop on by and see the new items!
And while you’re there… please check out some of our other items!
Keeping Christmas in mind, I am sure you will find some nice gift items in these final days of Christmas in July!

Thanks, God bless and Merry Christ mas!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blessed Mother Teresa Rosary Job's Tears

The Blessed Mother Teresa Rosary is now available.
New Blessed Mother Teresa Rosary is handmade with Job's Tears beads.
It is said Job's Tears Rosary Beads were one of Mother Teresa's favorites.
Job's Tears beads are also known as Seeds of Faith, as they are actual seeds from the Job's Tears plant also known as
Coix lacryma.

You may purchase this rosary from
the webstore at:
or you can visit my booth on Bonanzle at:

Religious Gift Items

I am happy to announce I am starting to offer a few other items.

These items range from religious bracelets, flexible magnets, Christmas items, prayer cards and much more. At the moment, these items are only available in my Bonanzle booth.

Here are some images of some of the new items I am now offering:

Christmas 2009 Advent Calendar Magnet
Each day includes a prayer and a Bible passage!
I personally have checked each Bible passage for relevance.

Great activity for families to come together, pray and read the Bible passages as a family.
Great teaching tool for children to learn the meaning of Advent and Christmas!

Ready to place on your refrigerator, freezer or any metal surface that a magnet will adhere to.
Printed with HP Photo Printer on flexible magnetic sheets with Vivera HP inks.

Adoring Santa Keep Christ in Christmas Auto Magnet

This magnet can be placed on any metal surface to show you Keep Christ in Christmas!

Vivid colors depict Michael Adams' Adoring Santa image of Santa humbly kneeling at Baby Jesus' side in the manger. The image is also known as Kneeling Santa and Praying Santa. This image shows even Santa knows the TRUE meaning of Christmas! The Adoring Santa collection helps us refocus our celebrations on God's greatest gift... His Son, Jesus.

John 3:16 ~ "For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son."

You can purchase these items and a lot more at:

New Rosaries Update

The Arthritis Rosary is now available.

The Arthritis Rosary is a crystal and blue two-tone bead rosary with a blue ribbon center.
The rosary features two medals attached. The two patron saints of arthritis: St James th
e Greater, brother of St John the Evangelist, and St Alphonsus Ligouri. The prayer card features an image of St Alphonsus and includes a prayer especially written for this rosary by Ligouri Publications.

The Saint Padre Pio Rosaries are also now available.

There are two Saint Padre Pio Rosaries.
One in silver-tone and one in gold-tone.
Both use Job's Tear beads.

You can purchase them from the webstore at:
or you can visit my booth on Bonanzle at:

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have found an up-and-coming replacement for eBay... Bonanzle.

You can check me out on Bonanzle at the link below...

They are signing folks up night and day and are growing very fast. I received info about them in an email. I checked them out, and everything I could find about them was good.

They don't appear to be an auction site in the same way as the other one, but a lot of folks who had a store with the one listed above are now on Bonanzle. People (sellers) are very nice.

It is set up as "booths" rather than stores. People are shown in the booths; so, you know who is there with you. If you see other buyers there, you can chat with them through an live instant message like system. You can ask them if they have bought anything from the seller. What their items are like, how's shipping, etc. You can chat with the seller if they happen to be in their booth at the time. If you have questions about an item and the seller is in the booth at the same time, you can get an instant answer instead of sending a message and checking your email all day. However, you can also send a message if you like or if the seller isn't in the booth at the time you are.

I have been on Bonanzle one week today. I haven't sold any items yet because I am still listing, but so far, I really like the set up!

I think everyone who wants to sell something should check out Bonanzle to see if it will fit their selling needs.

See y'all at the new Bonanzle Booth! God bless... Robyn

New Rosaries & Chaplets

New Rosaries
Unfortunately, one of my most popular rosary lines is the health rosaries. I say unfortunately because this means folks are ill. I hate that folks are ill with the health problems for which I offer rosaries. I have happy, however, they find comfort in the rosaries I have hand-crafted for them.

I have a few more in the works. They are as follows...
1. Colon Cancer Blue Ribbon Rosary
2. Kidney Cancer / Disease Green Ribbon Rosary
3. Melanoma Skin Cancer Black Ribbon Rosary
4. Arthritis Navy Blue Ribbon Rosary

Also, another rosary that has been requested... Saint Padre Pio

These rosaries will be available, hopefully, in the next few weeks. I am hoping for June. The rosary centers are made in RI of lead-free pewter. They make the centers and then enamel them with the colors I want. They make each of the centers themselves; so, it does take a while.

Colon Cancer, Kidney Cancer/Disease, Melanoma Skin Cancer Rosaries
In looking for patron saints, I have found St Peregrine is pretty much the only saint for cancer with only few exceptions. Saint Agatha - breast cancer, St Bernadino of Siena - lung cancer (he is technically for lung problems. I include him with the lung cancer rosaries because... well... cancer is a problem.) So, each of the above cancers will include St Peregrine medals; however, the Kidney Cancer / Disease rosary will have an option to include the St Peregrine medal or not. This option will need to be made upon purchase. If you wish to have the rosary for kidney cancer, you will need to choose the rosary w/St Peregrine medal. If you wish to have the rosary for kidney disease, you will need to choose the rosary w/o the medal.

Arthritis Rosary
The Arthritis Rosary is going to be unique in that it will use a two-tone navy blue/crystal bead. It will also feature two patron saints... St James the Greater (brother of St John the Evangelist) and St Alphosus Liguori. I contacted Liguori Publications to try to get a prayer for arthritis suffers specifically. They wrote one up for me and I have placed it on a prayer card. This laminated prayer card will go out with all Arthritis Rosaries.

Saint Padre Pio
There will be two (2) Saint Padre Pio rosaries soon. One version will be in gold-tone while the other in silver-tone. The gold-tone will feature a silhoutte of Padre Pio and a Papal crucifix. The silver-tone will feature a cut-out silhoutte of Padre Pio and a Papal crucifix. Both rosaries will use Job's Tears beads. For those of you who are interested in a Czech glass St Padre Pio rosary, I will also make the center/crucifix set available in the custom/personalized section; so, you can choose the color you want.

New Chaplets
There are a couple new chaplets listed.
1. St Michael Chaplet
2. Holy Face Chaplet

St Michael Chaplet
This chaplet features all nine salutions in color order. The set up of this chaplet is 1 bead followed by three beads. The first salutation starts on the pendant. There are 4 additional beads on the pendant which you pray at the end of the chaplet in honor of the archangels and your personal guadrian angel. You will recieve instructions on how to pray this chaplet.

Holy Face Chaplet
This chaplet features 39 beads. In most cases, these chaplets have 33 small beads and 6 large beads. As usual, I put a different twist on this chaplet. I use crystal aurora borealis tear-drop shaped beads for the 6 large beads and ruby red tear-drop shaped beads for the 33 small beads. The reason behind this change. The chaplet is in honor of the wounds of Jesus' face. The wounds that made the image on Veronica's Veil. The chaplet usually has a center reflecting the image on Veronica's Veil. Using Veronica's Veil as inspiration, I choose the beads for the chaplet. It is said, Veronica wiped the sweat from Jesus' brow. The image on her veil was created by His Precious Blood which flowed from His Holy Face's wounds. Hence, the crystal AB "sweat-droplet" beads represent the sweat she wiped from Jesus' Holy Face. The ruby red beads form the outline of the chaplet in the same way His Precious Blood formed the image of His Holy Face on the veil. The center piece is a depiction of Jesus' Holy Face on Veronica's Veil. The cross features the Ecce Home image which again reminds us of the wounds of Jesus' Holy Face.

If there are any health rosaries I do not make that are of interest, please let me know!
Thanks and God bless! Robyn

Missed a few Posts....

Hey, everyone.... just a quick note to catch up.

I missed a few weeks in posting here on the blog & a couple of newsletters didn't go out. I've been trying to deal with eBay and all their new rules and higher fees. So, I have been trying to find ways to get off of eBay.

So for what I have missed...

Hope everyone had a very blessed...
Palm Sunday
Easter Sunday
Divine Mercy Sunday
Mother's Day

I hope to get another newsletter out soon for announcements of new items.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

St Joseph's Day!

Hi, everyone... I would like to wish everyone a happy St Joseph's Day!
Follows is a St Joseph prayer...

Prayer to Saint Joseph
Blessed Joseph, husband of Mary, be with us this day.
You protected and cherished the Virgin;
loving the Child Jesus as your Son,
you rescued Him from the danger of death.
Defend the Church, the household of God,
purchased by the blood of Christ.
Guardian of the Holy Family,
be with us in our trials.
May your prayers obtain for us
the strength to flee from error
and wrestle with the powers of corruption
so that in life we may grow in holiness
and in death rejoice in the crown of victory.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day to all!

St Patrick used the Shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish people.
He used the three parts that make up the ONE shamrock to teach them how God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit can be present in ONE God.

An Irish Blessing...
May your blessings outnumber
the Shamrocks that grow
and may troubles avoid you
wherever you go.

God bless to all this St Patrick's Day! Robyn

P.S. If you are looking for St Patrick rosaries, please feel free to view what we have available at the store by clicking here...

New Lenten Rosaries

Hi, everyone...
Just a quick note to announce more Lenten Rosaries!

Lent Pieta Crucifixion Scene Purple Matte AB Tibetan Silver Cross Rosary...
This rosary features a full-color enameled Pieta center and Crucifixion crucifix with Purple Matte AB "Hail Mary" beads and Tibetan Silver Cross "Our Father" Beads. The Purple Matte AB beads compliment the colors in both the center and the crucifix!
To read more about this rosary, click here...

Passion Ecce Homo 3 Nails Crown of Thorns Lent Rosary
This rosary features, once again, Purple Matte AB "Hail Mary" beads and gold-plated Rose beads as the "Our Father" beads. The unique center is a highly detailed 3D Ecce Homo on front and Sorrowful Mother on the reverse. A stunning gold-plated Three (3) Nails Crown of Thorn Crucifix ads the finishing touches to this meaningful rosary. This rosary is also available in a Jacob's Ladder version.
To read more about this rosary, click here...

For more Lenten rosaries, please click here...
For Easter rosaries, please click here...
Thanks and God bless... Robyn

More First Holy Communion - RCIA Options

Hi, everyone...

I just want to let everyone know I have two more sets for First Holy Communion listed in the store. They are Eucharistic Cup rosaries with options in both gold and silver tone, as well as Czech glass and glass-based pearl. You can choose the best colors for your Communicant!

Be sure to order early enough to receive the rosary in time for your Communicant's First Holy Communion.

Remember, also, this rosary can also be used for RCIA.

Thanks and God bless... Robyn

Saturday, March 14, 2009


One more post for tonight...

If you haven't already noticed and voted in our three polls, please take the time to do so!

I have gotten some suggestions and thought it might be interesting to see what everyone thinks.

If you have a suggestion for either a rosary or chaplet and would like to see it as a poll, please feel free to post it under suggestions (in the February 2009 folder) or email me at

Thanks and, as always, God Bless... Robyn


A reminder... if you know someone who is going through RCIA, don't forget, I offer some beautiful rosaries for this special occasion.

Dad went through RCIA and one thing he wanted was a rosary. Having a great deal of Irish in him, he chose Patrick for his Confirmation name. He also chose a St Patrick Shamrock Ladder Rosary like this one

Here are a few special rosaries I offer which make great gifts for someone completing RCIA or making their Confirmation:
This rosary features matching Holy Spirit Center and Cross with ruby red beads...
This rosary features Golden Amber beads representing the Bread of Life and Ruby Red beads set in Red Cloisonne bead caps as Chalices of Jesus' Precious Blood. The full-color center features the Last Supper on one side and the Eucharist Cup with Jesus' crowned head above. The full-color crucifix features Jesus overlooking Jerusalem, Loaves of Bread, Fish and the Eucharistic Cup and Host...
This is a lead-free pewter Crucifix & Center set featuring a four-way center and crown of thorns crucifix...

Thanks for checking them out!

First Holy Communion Rosaries

Hi, everyone... I just want to tell everyone I have added some First Communion Rosaries to the store.

The pieces come in gold-plate and silver-plate. Like other personalized rosaries, you can choose both the "Hail Mary" beads, as well as the "Our Father" beads. These rosary sets feature a full-color center with the Eucharist Cup, grapes and bread. They also feature a Pardon Crucifix. I chose the Pardon Crucifix because of its meaning. First Communicants will be participating in their first confession, and I thought the Pardon Crucifix would be a great compliment. The back of the Crucifix has the words: "Father Forgive Them".

There is an example of one rosary I did recently for someone at my church. She wanted a rosary that featured the usual Crystal beads most First Holy Communion rosaries for girls use, but to make it more unique and personal, she used the girl's birthstone color for the "Our Father" beads. As a special request, the bead caps are made using gold-plated green cloisonne bead caps. These bead caps are not available in the store. Fortunately, if you like it made this way, you can email me a special request; however, the bead caps are only available in these colors...
Gold-plate: Green
Silver-plate: Red or Blue.

I do have another First Communion Set I will try to get listed in the next couple of days. This set features a Eucharistic Cup as the center and a crucifix which also features a Eucharistic Cup. These will also be available in gold or silver tone and totally customizable for your First Communicant!

To check out these new rosary additions, click here

Monday, February 16, 2009


Good evening to all!

I have set up this blog for folks to gather and talk about their rosaries and chaplets.

You can post any comments, questions or suggestions you might have.

If you have any rosary / chaplet suggestions or are looking for a particular rosary / chaplet, you can let me know here, as well.

If you have any prayer requests, you can post them here like a prayer circle; so, others can pray for your intentions.

I will also try listing any website updates here in the future.

I have only done one blog before; so, this will be a learning experience for me. The previous blog was basically to chronicle the illness of one of my sick kitties that passed away.

I would like to thank everyone for their support of the rosaries and chaplets I have handcrafted!

Thanks and God bless!

Prayer Circle

For those who would like their intentions prayed for by all, please leave your prayer requests here by responding to this message.

May God answer all your prayers favorably!

Thanks and God bless... Robyn

Comments, Questions, Suggestions

This post is for you to respond with any comments, questions or suggestions.

Please list all your comments, questions or suggestions as replies to this message.

Thanks & God bless... Robyn