Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have found an up-and-coming replacement for eBay... Bonanzle.

You can check me out on Bonanzle at the link below...

They are signing folks up night and day and are growing very fast. I received info about them in an email. I checked them out, and everything I could find about them was good.

They don't appear to be an auction site in the same way as the other one, but a lot of folks who had a store with the one listed above are now on Bonanzle. People (sellers) are very nice.

It is set up as "booths" rather than stores. People are shown in the booths; so, you know who is there with you. If you see other buyers there, you can chat with them through an live instant message like system. You can ask them if they have bought anything from the seller. What their items are like, how's shipping, etc. You can chat with the seller if they happen to be in their booth at the time. If you have questions about an item and the seller is in the booth at the same time, you can get an instant answer instead of sending a message and checking your email all day. However, you can also send a message if you like or if the seller isn't in the booth at the time you are.

I have been on Bonanzle one week today. I haven't sold any items yet because I am still listing, but so far, I really like the set up!

I think everyone who wants to sell something should check out Bonanzle to see if it will fit their selling needs.

See y'all at the new Bonanzle Booth! God bless... Robyn

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