Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Christmas Items!

Hi, y’all!

Just in the St. Nick of time…

I had some items to include in my Christmas in July offer, but they were backordered. Bummer!

Today, they came in! Yippee!

I want to showcase them for y’all here! Remember, I have an entire section for Christmas in July! Just click on the category CHRISTMAS IN JULY on the right hand side.

Christmas in July is still on; so, you can still use the coupon code Jesusbday to save 10% booth-wide!

I have a lot of critters, as most of you probably know.
It is very difficult, not only unsafe, to have flame candles in the house.
In addition, keeping candles burning throughout the day and night can be dangerous for any household.
I have a solution! Flameless LED Votive Candles! These candles use an LED light and an easy to replace watch battery (CR2032)! They are easily operated with an “on/off” switch on the bottom, which is also where the battery access is located.

Advent Candles – Flameless Votive
These can easily be placed in any Advent Wreath that is set up for tea lights or votive candles. I have also included a little make your own tip for an Advent Wreath in case you can not locate a wreath that uses tea lights of votive candles. (lit picture is clickable)

This candle is another of the Adoring Santa collection, which includes a passage from the Bible. (lit picture is clickable)

I have also added another new item in the Breast Cancer category.

This is a flameless LED votive breast cancer candle with words of inspiration for any woman dealing with this disease. Remember breast cancer month is coming in October. I have several breast cancer items you can view. Please click on the Breast Cancer category on the right hand side under OTHER CHRISTIAN ITEMS (lit picture is clickable)

So… please stop on by and see the new items!
And while you’re there… please check out some of our other items!
Keeping Christmas in mind, I am sure you will find some nice gift items in these final days of Christmas in July!

Thanks, God bless and Merry Christ mas!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blessed Mother Teresa Rosary Job's Tears

The Blessed Mother Teresa Rosary is now available.
New Blessed Mother Teresa Rosary is handmade with Job's Tears beads.
It is said Job's Tears Rosary Beads were one of Mother Teresa's favorites.
Job's Tears beads are also known as Seeds of Faith, as they are actual seeds from the Job's Tears plant also known as
Coix lacryma.

You may purchase this rosary from
the webstore at:
or you can visit my booth on Bonanzle at:

Religious Gift Items

I am happy to announce I am starting to offer a few other items.

These items range from religious bracelets, flexible magnets, Christmas items, prayer cards and much more. At the moment, these items are only available in my Bonanzle booth.

Here are some images of some of the new items I am now offering:

Christmas 2009 Advent Calendar Magnet
Each day includes a prayer and a Bible passage!
I personally have checked each Bible passage for relevance.

Great activity for families to come together, pray and read the Bible passages as a family.
Great teaching tool for children to learn the meaning of Advent and Christmas!

Ready to place on your refrigerator, freezer or any metal surface that a magnet will adhere to.
Printed with HP Photo Printer on flexible magnetic sheets with Vivera HP inks.

Adoring Santa Keep Christ in Christmas Auto Magnet

This magnet can be placed on any metal surface to show you Keep Christ in Christmas!

Vivid colors depict Michael Adams' Adoring Santa image of Santa humbly kneeling at Baby Jesus' side in the manger. The image is also known as Kneeling Santa and Praying Santa. This image shows even Santa knows the TRUE meaning of Christmas! The Adoring Santa collection helps us refocus our celebrations on God's greatest gift... His Son, Jesus.

John 3:16 ~ "For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son."

You can purchase these items and a lot more at:

New Rosaries Update

The Arthritis Rosary is now available.

The Arthritis Rosary is a crystal and blue two-tone bead rosary with a blue ribbon center.
The rosary features two medals attached. The two patron saints of arthritis: St James th
e Greater, brother of St John the Evangelist, and St Alphonsus Ligouri. The prayer card features an image of St Alphonsus and includes a prayer especially written for this rosary by Ligouri Publications.

The Saint Padre Pio Rosaries are also now available.

There are two Saint Padre Pio Rosaries.
One in silver-tone and one in gold-tone.
Both use Job's Tear beads.

You can purchase them from the webstore at:
or you can visit my booth on Bonanzle at: