Monday, February 16, 2009


Good evening to all!

I have set up this blog for folks to gather and talk about their rosaries and chaplets.

You can post any comments, questions or suggestions you might have.

If you have any rosary / chaplet suggestions or are looking for a particular rosary / chaplet, you can let me know here, as well.

If you have any prayer requests, you can post them here like a prayer circle; so, others can pray for your intentions.

I will also try listing any website updates here in the future.

I have only done one blog before; so, this will be a learning experience for me. The previous blog was basically to chronicle the illness of one of my sick kitties that passed away.

I would like to thank everyone for their support of the rosaries and chaplets I have handcrafted!

Thanks and God bless!

Prayer Circle

For those who would like their intentions prayed for by all, please leave your prayer requests here by responding to this message.

May God answer all your prayers favorably!

Thanks and God bless... Robyn

Comments, Questions, Suggestions

This post is for you to respond with any comments, questions or suggestions.

Please list all your comments, questions or suggestions as replies to this message.

Thanks & God bless... Robyn