Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Rosaries & Chaplets

New Rosaries
Unfortunately, one of my most popular rosary lines is the health rosaries. I say unfortunately because this means folks are ill. I hate that folks are ill with the health problems for which I offer rosaries. I have happy, however, they find comfort in the rosaries I have hand-crafted for them.

I have a few more in the works. They are as follows...
1. Colon Cancer Blue Ribbon Rosary
2. Kidney Cancer / Disease Green Ribbon Rosary
3. Melanoma Skin Cancer Black Ribbon Rosary
4. Arthritis Navy Blue Ribbon Rosary

Also, another rosary that has been requested... Saint Padre Pio

These rosaries will be available, hopefully, in the next few weeks. I am hoping for June. The rosary centers are made in RI of lead-free pewter. They make the centers and then enamel them with the colors I want. They make each of the centers themselves; so, it does take a while.

Colon Cancer, Kidney Cancer/Disease, Melanoma Skin Cancer Rosaries
In looking for patron saints, I have found St Peregrine is pretty much the only saint for cancer with only few exceptions. Saint Agatha - breast cancer, St Bernadino of Siena - lung cancer (he is technically for lung problems. I include him with the lung cancer rosaries because... well... cancer is a problem.) So, each of the above cancers will include St Peregrine medals; however, the Kidney Cancer / Disease rosary will have an option to include the St Peregrine medal or not. This option will need to be made upon purchase. If you wish to have the rosary for kidney cancer, you will need to choose the rosary w/St Peregrine medal. If you wish to have the rosary for kidney disease, you will need to choose the rosary w/o the medal.

Arthritis Rosary
The Arthritis Rosary is going to be unique in that it will use a two-tone navy blue/crystal bead. It will also feature two patron saints... St James the Greater (brother of St John the Evangelist) and St Alphosus Liguori. I contacted Liguori Publications to try to get a prayer for arthritis suffers specifically. They wrote one up for me and I have placed it on a prayer card. This laminated prayer card will go out with all Arthritis Rosaries.

Saint Padre Pio
There will be two (2) Saint Padre Pio rosaries soon. One version will be in gold-tone while the other in silver-tone. The gold-tone will feature a silhoutte of Padre Pio and a Papal crucifix. The silver-tone will feature a cut-out silhoutte of Padre Pio and a Papal crucifix. Both rosaries will use Job's Tears beads. For those of you who are interested in a Czech glass St Padre Pio rosary, I will also make the center/crucifix set available in the custom/personalized section; so, you can choose the color you want.

New Chaplets
There are a couple new chaplets listed.
1. St Michael Chaplet
2. Holy Face Chaplet

St Michael Chaplet
This chaplet features all nine salutions in color order. The set up of this chaplet is 1 bead followed by three beads. The first salutation starts on the pendant. There are 4 additional beads on the pendant which you pray at the end of the chaplet in honor of the archangels and your personal guadrian angel. You will recieve instructions on how to pray this chaplet.

Holy Face Chaplet
This chaplet features 39 beads. In most cases, these chaplets have 33 small beads and 6 large beads. As usual, I put a different twist on this chaplet. I use crystal aurora borealis tear-drop shaped beads for the 6 large beads and ruby red tear-drop shaped beads for the 33 small beads. The reason behind this change. The chaplet is in honor of the wounds of Jesus' face. The wounds that made the image on Veronica's Veil. The chaplet usually has a center reflecting the image on Veronica's Veil. Using Veronica's Veil as inspiration, I choose the beads for the chaplet. It is said, Veronica wiped the sweat from Jesus' brow. The image on her veil was created by His Precious Blood which flowed from His Holy Face's wounds. Hence, the crystal AB "sweat-droplet" beads represent the sweat she wiped from Jesus' Holy Face. The ruby red beads form the outline of the chaplet in the same way His Precious Blood formed the image of His Holy Face on the veil. The center piece is a depiction of Jesus' Holy Face on Veronica's Veil. The cross features the Ecce Home image which again reminds us of the wounds of Jesus' Holy Face.

If there are any health rosaries I do not make that are of interest, please let me know!
Thanks and God bless! Robyn

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