Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NEW ... for our military members, veterans and their families!

New rosaries with y'all in mind.

Many months ago it was suggested to me to craft a camouflage rosary. I contacted the gentleman who does the ribbon centers for the health rosaries and asked him to do one in yellow. I searched for beads that would work for camouflage and asked around as to what folks thought. I hope what I have chosen works for y'all as well. The rosaries come in green and brown camouflage, desert brown camouflage and blue camouflage. The green and brown and the desert brown are already listed. The blue is available but not listed yet. Each of these camo rosaries has attached to it a St Christopher medal with a military branch's insignia on the reverse.

Here are images of these rosaries...
Green Brown Camouflage Rosary Military St Christopher Medal
The beads show a little darker than actuality in the above photo.
Desert Camouflage Rosary Military St Christopher Medal

The following photos are common to all these military rosaries...

The St Christopher Military Medal attached to the center appears at left.

The medal features an image of St Christopher on the front with the words...
"St Christopher" at the top
"Protect Me" at the bottom

On the reverse is the military insignia for:
United States Air Force
United States Army
United States Marines
United States Navy

You choose which medal you want attached to your rosary!

The Yellow Ribbon bead (shown at right) is a glass Lampwork bead with a yellow ribbon on each side. These beads are used as the "Our Father" beads for each rosary. They match the center (shown at right).

Please stop by to check out these two beautiful, meaningful rosaries by clicking the links below.

Desert Camouflage Rosary Military St Christopher Medal

Green Brown Camouflage Rosary Military St Christopher Medal

Thanks and God bless our Military members, Veterans and their families!

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