Saturday, March 14, 2009


A reminder... if you know someone who is going through RCIA, don't forget, I offer some beautiful rosaries for this special occasion.

Dad went through RCIA and one thing he wanted was a rosary. Having a great deal of Irish in him, he chose Patrick for his Confirmation name. He also chose a St Patrick Shamrock Ladder Rosary like this one

Here are a few special rosaries I offer which make great gifts for someone completing RCIA or making their Confirmation:
This rosary features matching Holy Spirit Center and Cross with ruby red beads...
This rosary features Golden Amber beads representing the Bread of Life and Ruby Red beads set in Red Cloisonne bead caps as Chalices of Jesus' Precious Blood. The full-color center features the Last Supper on one side and the Eucharist Cup with Jesus' crowned head above. The full-color crucifix features Jesus overlooking Jerusalem, Loaves of Bread, Fish and the Eucharistic Cup and Host...
This is a lead-free pewter Crucifix & Center set featuring a four-way center and crown of thorns crucifix...

Thanks for checking them out!

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